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How to create a pdf in Adobe Indesign
Installing job options in InDesign. The screenshots depicted in this manual are taken from the Mac interface but the steps are the same when configuring in Windows.

Download the file “”. This folder contains different job options. We suggest to utilise the following method.
  • MagazineAds_1v4_IND4.joboptions, for adverts in 4 colours (offset rotation printing, intaglio printing and sheet offset) and SheetSpotHiRes_1v4_IND4.joboptions for adverts containing spot colours in sheet offset printing
  • Start Adobe InDesign
  • Invoke the command File -> Adobe PDF Presets -> Define
  • Press the load...button
  • From within the Load PDF Export Presets dialog, navigate to the temporary directory into which you unzipped files in (1) above, select the desired PDF creation options file, and press Open.
  • The selected options now appear in the list of Adobe PDF Presets.
  • To add additional options, repeat from step (4) above. Otherwise, press Done.
After this you can create a pdf through File -> Export and select the correct job options

How to create a pdf in QuarkXpress
Download “”. This folder contains instructions with explanations.