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Wim Proost – prepress and premedia professionals, was founded in 1982 by Wim Proost, the youngest member of a graphical family. We specialise in providing prepress and premedia services in the broadest sense of the word. Over the past 4 decades, we have become a fixture in the industry. Quality, flexibility and discretion are the sound foundations of our company.

In the rapidly evolving graphic world, it is crucial to keep up with new developments. That is why we invest continuously. Not only in hardware & software but also in education and further training of our employees. A motivated team of specialists is available to attend to the clients needs.

Our core activities are layout, design, CTP, CTF, proofing and proofreading. 

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Our location in the heart of the printing industry in Beerse gives us the opportunity to serve a wide range of potential clients in a fast and efficient way. The immediate vicinity of major motorways ensures a large radius of action. If e-mail or telephone is not sufficient, we do not hesitate to visit on site. A clear project description ensures a streamlined cooperation and minimises costs and delivery times.

Our own courier service ensures fast deliveries. Regular orders will be delivered by the order supervisors themselves, so continuous consultation and evaluation occur naturally.

Our independance guarantees discretion and customised service; you won’t even find our company name on our cars. To maintain this independance, it is crucial to think along with you. Since we are not bound to an umbrella group or printing company, we have every interest in adequately shielding your orders. We set high standards for all services and products delivered. 

client base

Our client base consists mainly of printing companies, large industrial companies and publishers. Both multinationals and sole proprietorships belong to our clientele. The following sectors are strongly represented: pharma, heavy industries, stationary, packaging industry.
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