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Your site is of crucial importance and deserves attention….a lot of attention. From you, from us and from your visitors.

A professional website is often the first introduction to your products or services. That’s why its importance cannot be underestimated. A good site is a logical investment, forming the basis of an effective marketing mix.

Contentwise, technically and graphically a website is often a big project. Wim Proost has a clear view on webdesign. We don’t overcomplicate things if it can be easy. We don’t do vague quotations or unnecessary support contracts. We make your site, but you stay in control. The hosting and domain name remain your property. This keeps you independent and us focused. It allows us to focus on what we do best: creating attractive and effective sites. 

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responsive design

Nowadays every site is responsive, so that everything also works optimally on smartphones and tablets. A mobile site makes a professional impression on each visitor thanks to its great ease of use and optimal display. In 2015, the mobile share of internet traffic in Belgium already fluctuated around 40% and 2016 is expected to reach the tipping point.

customise your website yourself (CMS)

You don’t need to be a programmer to costumise your website. If you can mail and surf, you can also edit your site. That is, if we have created your CMS or Content Management System.

Our management systems excel in simplicity and ease of use. This way each client can edit certain parts of content, without prior training or technical knowledge.
You won’t have to rely on us for minor adjustments, and that’s how it should be. 

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scoring in google

To make the most of your online potential, your website must be easy to find for your target audience. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ensures that you score well in the results of search engines such as Google.

We write texts around relevant keywords, program well thought-out, optimized code and ensure a clear, hierarchical site structure. A well thought-out approach ensures good results in the long term. 

custom projects / development

Converting well thought-out plans into useful online tools is an artform in itself. Wim Proost has already developed several web platforms that simplify processes and take a lot of unnecessary work off your shoulders. With our customer-friendly registration systems, online catalogues, shop modules and management software, you earn money with minimum effort.
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