our core principles

our core principles


Ethical Conduct

Our personal behavior should be respectful and fair, every employee’s integrity and honesty must be unquestionable.

social responsibility

We are dedicated to form respectful and socially responsible relationships with our colleagues and business partners. We adhere to the principles outlined in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work established by the International Labour Organization.

This means:

  • Prohibiting child labor: We do not employ individuals who have not reached the mandated school-leaving age or the minimum age for employment. Additionally, we refuse to engage with companies that employ child labor.
  • Treating employees with humanity: We condemn and do not tolerate forced labor, physical abuse, or any form of abusive behavior directed at employees or those with whom we conduct business.
  • Valuing employee contributions:We ensure fair rewards, encourage personal and professional development, and foster effective communication at all levels of the organization.
  • Encouraging continuous development and training:We strive to help each employee reach their highest potential.


We embrace the diverse range of skills, abilities, backgrounds, and experiences that each employee brings to our company. We strictly prohibit discrimination, harassment, bullying, and any other unfair practices. We recruit without regard to race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, disability, or any other legally protected status. 

health and safety

We adhere to established health and safety standards to safeguard the well-being of our employees, visitors, contractors, and the public. We have implemented systems that encourage a positive safety culture. It is expected that you will comply with all safety policies and use all relevant safety systems.

Maintaining a respectful and polite environment, you are encouraged to report any act or behavior that harms employees in a violent or potentially violent way. Substance abuse negatively impacts your performance, creates safety hazards, and poses risks to you, your colleagues, and others. Therefore, we promote a workplace free from substance abuse. The misuse of medication, alcohol, controlled substances, and the use of illegal drugs in the workplace or in any way that affects your ability to perform your duties is strictly prohibited.


We are dedicated to safeguarding the confidentiality of information about our company, our employees and the companies we collaborate with. Treat confidential information with the same care you would give to your personal information and refrain from disclosing it to unauthorized individuals, whether inside or outside the workplace, except as required by law.